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Charitable Planning Stories

Meet Elizabeth: 

  • Age 70 and single.
  • $100,000 in a bank CD (rates may vary).
  • Lives on a fixed income.
  • Steady donor of $50/ month.

Impact of Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) on Elizabeth:

  • Gifts organization her $100,000.
  • The organization uses about $70,000 to buy an immediate annuity to provide the donor her income.
  • Elizabeth is now guaranteed an income stream (cash flow rate) of 5.1% (based on the current American Council on Gift Annuities for her age and single life. Rates are subject to change.)
  • More than double what she was receiving previously.
  • Receives a full tax deduction for her $30,000 gift and part of her income is non-taxable.

Impact of CGA on Organization:

  • The organization receives an immediate bottom line cash injection of $30,000.

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