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Cincinnati, OH 45236
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Mission & Values

Financial Principles We Believe

1. Stewardship 
We are responsible for how well we manage the resources given to us. 
2. Spend less than you earn 
We should save for future expenses that are both predictable and unpredictable. We are to identify and accomplish client-specific short and long term goals through customized diversification. 
3. Minimize the use of debt 
Although debt on potentially appreciating assets can be advantageous, debt can also be dangerous and should always be used with caution. Reduce and eventually eliminate debt when possible. 
4. Giving/generosity 
Generosity is closely linked to a deep level of satisfaction. It recognizes that we are stewards of resources that we have ultimately been given. Furthermore, giving breaks the power of money and greed in our lives. We are to care for those less fortunate. 
5. Work and financial independence
We are all blessed with certain talents and skills to use in the workplace with integrity, honesty and good attitudes. However, work does not define who we are. Good stewardship requires that we prepare for when we may no longer work or when we can choose to work and serve regardless of compensation. 
6. Contentment 
Contentment is not based on how much money we have or the size of our net worth. Rather it is based on thankfulness and the proper perspective of the value of possessions. We recognize that our best investments will always be those we make in the lives of others.
7. Planning for the unexpected with a lasting perspective
Protecting our families from the unexpected and having an estate plan is good stewardship. We need to prepare the next generation to have the proper attitude toward money. At death we will not take any of it with us.
8. We are to seek wise counsel 
Plans fail for lack of wise counsel. For those who are married this starts with your spouse. For all of us it behooves us to identify those we can trust for valuable advice.

Ways We Bring Value to Clients

1. Bring order/organization and explanation to the often scatteredness and unfamiliarity of a person’s 6 financial affairs – estate, investment, insurance, taxes, benefits, and business. This results in increased comprehension and understanding to the client.
2. Assist in identifying and clarifying a client’s objectives and values in these 6 areas. This results in insight and purposefulness. 
3. Analyze a client’s current and potential resources and compare those to their objectives. This either results in a sense of security and assurance or the recognition that further steps are needed.
4. Formulate observations and then recommendations on how to move from the current situation toward a client’s objectives utilizing their current and potential resources. This results in a sense of confidence. 
5. Assist clients in taking steps to implement agreed upon recommendations, resulting in a sense of accomplishment. 
6. Measure progress at agreed upon intervals, usually 1-2x/yr. This results in a sense of achievement and satisfaction, leading to further steps toward a client’s objectives. 
7. Bring objectivity and reassurance during times of personal challenge or market stress to keep clients on track toward their objectives. This results in a client feeling supported and more hopeful during difficulties that would normally throw them off course, financially, spiritually and emotionally. 
These aren’t just platitudes, this is the actual process and experience as verified by most of those we serve. That’s why we are often referred to others.